Photo Recap: Ditch the Fest Fest / by Tess Cagle

Originally published on ORANGE Magazine

Locals gathered at the Empire Control Room for Ditch the Fest Fest on the weekends of Oct. 4 and Oct. 11. Creative collective Raw Paw organized the event, bringing together musicians from around Austin to put on a two weekend show of non-stop loud music. The venue contained a plethora of glitter and confetti on the ground, colorful mesh material streaming from the ceiling and killer visuals projected onto all of the walls. Free popsicles were provided by Juiceland, and there was also live T-shirt printing. Raw Paw provided their signature free face painting and “swag bags” filled with free stickers and other memorabilia. As another Austin City Limits came to a close, Raw Paw and other Austinites celebrated a strong year for local, hard working musicians.