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A Weekend in Denver, Colorado

I booked another flight to Denver in less than a week after I arrived home from visiting in April—so I guess you could say the city left a good impression on me. I visited Denver in June to see my best friend, Devon, yet again and to see our all-time favorite band First Aid Kit perform at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

I camped for the first time ever in October. I was lucky enough to tag along with some of my best friends on their annual camping trip, so I was in good company with seasoned campers. It felt rejuvenating to take a weekend to go off the grid, go makeup-less and just enjoy fresh air. 

Marfa & Big Bend

I kicked off the new year by going on a road trip with some new friends. I've been wanting to go to Marfa for awhile– I think it's safe to say that the Prada Marfa art installation is a destination goal for most Austin hipsters. Big Bend was just an incredible, last minute, added bonus. The drive was long but I can't think of more than just a few moments that weren't absolutely enjoyable. 

A Weekend in Malta

Last weekend we escaped the cold and spent two days in Malta. It was so nice to shed my heavy winter coat and throw on a crop top. The little sample of what we saw of the country was absolutely breathtaking. 

Sweden Through the (iPhone) Lens #3

Finally found the time to round up all of my favorite iPhone pictures from October and this past week of November. My phone was stolen the last week of September, so I'm feeling even more grateful to be able to curate this post. My amazing parents made sure I had a phone by early October, so without them I wouldn't have been able to indulge my addiction to VSCOcam for the past month. It's weird to announce that I'll be back in Texas in just 42 days. My time abroad is already halfway over. To celebrate reaching the halfway point, here are a bunch of photos of trees and sunsets (no slugs this time, though.) 

48 Hours in Milan, Italy

I recently had the opportunity to visit Milan, Italy,  and boy– was Italy beautiful! While we were only there two days, we had a great time and squeezed as much gelato, pasta and wine as could into 48 hours. 

Fall is (Basically) Here

It's officially October– which in Sweden means the sun is starting to set earlier, the temperature is rarely leaving the 50s and the leaves are starting to change. As a Texan, these are some very foreign concepts for me. My favorite part is definitely the oranges and reds that are now embedded in every part of my walks around the city. Yesterday, we explored this beautiful little scenic area that's just a short walk from the Flogsta apartments. 

So, shout out to my fellow Texans who are still walking to class in 90 degree weather. Here are some photos of what fall looks like in Sweden. 

Home Away from Home: Copenhagen, Denmark

Last weekend, I went to Copenhagen, Denmark with my friend Anna. I've been pretty excited about this trip, mostly because I'm actually half Danish (right, mom??) and I don't get to learn about my ancestor's culture nearly enough. We had an amazing weekend. Copenhagen felt a lot like home and reminded me so much of Austin. 10/10 would recommend and I would totally go back and visit again. 

KulturNatten 2015

Last Saturday was Uppsala's KulturNatten, a day where the city center celebrates culture. It's an annual event organized by cultural workers, associations, firms and others. On Saturday, the streets were filled with live performers, food carts and vendors.

My Home in Uppsala: Lilla Sunnersta

Up until October, I will be living in this beautiful apartment complex located 6 km away from Uppsala's city center. It's unfortunately way too far away from school for me, but the area is absolutely beautiful. I'm trying to enjoy my time here while I can before I move or it gets too cold to go outside. Here are some shots from the area around my building: 

Two Weeks in Sweden Seen Through the (iPhone) Lens

As a photographer, I'm a big proponent for using real DSLR cameras for my work. iPhones are great (actually probably better quality than a lot of cameras) but it doesn't feel like real work, or art, when you're just snapping pics on auto. However, I also really love my camera and therefore don't carry it everywhere– especially when I know I'm going to a pub or a club and it might get stolen or damaged. 

These first two weeks have entailed a lot of exploring, and sometimes all I have is my iPhone to capture cool sights. Here are my favorite iPhone photos from the past two weeks, edited on VSCOcam (as opposed to Photoshop.) 

August Trip to Stockholm

I took an impromptu trip to Stockholm in late August, to celebrate the gorgeous weather Sweden was experiencing. Without much plans, I decided to do a "Hop On Hop Off" boat tour around the city. I attempted to make a little interactive map to show some of my favorite places that we visited: