Instagram Recap: Urban Music Festival by Tess Cagle

Urban Music Festival has already ranked as my favorite festival to shoot this year and I'm sure it will stay up there. The day was a whole family affair and everyone I talked to was incredibly friendly and sweet to talk to. There were no hyper aggressive bros drunkenly hitting on me and folks were genuinely excited to have their photo taken. By the time En Vogue came on stage, the yard filled with chairs had turned into a huge dance party. 

Just like I did for SXSW, I'm now going to share some of my favorite photos I shared on Austin360's Instagram. 

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Couples Session: Amanda and Connor by Tess Cagle

In March, I took a quick break from SXSW to escape off to Brushy Creek with my pals Amanda and Connor. They are the final couple who received a free hour-long session in honor of Valentine’s Day—and we did their session just in time for their one year anniversary (which happens to be TODAY!) 

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Photo Recap: SXSW 2018 by Tess Cagle

This year marked my seventh SXSW—which makes me feel awfully old, despite being just 23. I still remember my first time at the festival. I was 16, I traveled from the Rio Grande Valley with my older brother to Austin for the first time to see the Strokes play at Auditorium Shores. I can visualize perfectly the first time we rounded the corner on I-35, passing the Holly St exit, and catching my first view of the Austin skyline. The weather was idyllic and I got to see my favorite band of all time for free. It's no wonder I moved to Austin just three years later. 

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Couple Session: Kayla and Connor by Tess Cagle

It's both exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking to try something new, right? Those were pretty much the emotions pulsing through me after I advertised on Instagram that I would be doing couple session for free in February. To be honest: I did it to get some more experience working with couples before I started charging money. I knew once I did a session, I would create photos I loved and have the confidence to jump head-first into engagement sessions in no time. 

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5 ATX Women-owned business + organizations you can support this International Working Women's Day by Tess Cagle

In honor of International Working Women's Day, I'm highlighting a few inspirational companies that I'd like to challenge y'all to lend your support to. The first two—BBATX and Counter Balance—are 501(c) organizations I've been following for some time now, and the final three are women-owned businesses I learned about recently and found super inspirational. 

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Austin Visual Meet-Up Recap by Tess Cagle

Using this rainy weekend—brought to us by #HurricaneHarvey— to catch up with some website updates. 

Last weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended my first ever photographer meetup. Hosted by Austin Visuals, the meetup was incredibly inspiring—as have the last week as I've checked out all the other work shared by photographers I met. 

I've never actually worked with models before. I'm an event / concert photographer looking to expand my portrait work, so I thought the meet-up would help me learn a few things. It did and also left me feeling incredibly inspired and ready to focus more on growing my freelance business. 

Here's a few of my shots from the weekend. Cheers to future projects, inspired by this day. 

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Meet My Nephew: Warren Joseph Cooper by Tess Cagle

My amazing sister, Kate Cooper, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on July 2, 2017. I was fortunate enough to arrive in LA on the eve of his birthday and stuck around long enough to take some newborn pictures. 

I was nervous to take these photos because not only have I never taken newborn pictures, I'd never even held a baby before. The photos ended up turning out great and the whole shoot was so much fun. 

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Senior Session: Audrey Browning by Tess Cagle

I can't believe I'm publishing this post on my final day of classes in college. 

Congratulations to all my friends who are also about to embark into the real world – especially Audrey Browning! This pretty lady was a blast to work with during her senior session. I think together we were able to really capture her bubbly and sassy personality in these photos. 

I'm especially grateful for Audrey because she donated to a GoFundMe campaign I had last year to raise money for the camera I shoot with now. Her donation helped me a lot and it was such a pleasure to use my Canon 6D to photograph her senior photos. Thanks, Audrey! 

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Senior Session: Gustavo Molinar by Tess Cagle

I've got to admit: I feel most comfortable photographing my friends (or at least people I know.) I don't like to conduct senior sessions with strangers very often because grad pics can be such an emotional and intimate shoot. 

Furthermore, I LOVE to photograph other photographers. I welcome those who know exactly what they want and how to capture it – and who understand the position I'm in. 

Good news: Gustavo was both a friend and a photographer. 

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Senior Session: Amanda Pinney by Tess Cagle

Cheers to the first senior session of 2017: Amanda Pinney. We lucked out with some amazing weather, especially considering the following week was filled with thunderstorms. I love how these photos turned out – it will be a hard session to top! 

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Photo Highlights: February 2017 by Tess Cagle

February ushered in a season marked by endless class projects and freelance assignments. I photographed a BossbabesATX meet up, shadowed yogis as they hiked the Greenbelt in Austin, had a great photo date with Jenna Million, photographed Miniature Tigers, DREAMERS and the Griswolds for Margin Walker Presents, had a fun portrait session with the memes of Boys Club, and edited the month photographing Mardi Gras for a class assignment. 

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Photo Highlights: January 2017 by Tess Cagle

2017 kicked off with a lot of traveling. I rang in the new year in Pennsylvania (well, Delaware actually) while on a week-long vacation visiting my boyfriend, Bryan. While I was there I photographed his band, the Last Remark's final show. My next stop was across the country, in Sacramento, California. I visited family for my grandma's funeral and saw my grandparent's home for the final time. Then I returned home to begin my final semester at the University of Texas at Austin. 

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Sulphur Springs Camp in Bend, Texas by Tess Cagle

I camped for the first time ever in October. I was lucky enough to tag along with some of my best friends on their annual camping trip, so I was in good company with seasoned campers. It felt rejuvenating to take a weekend to go off the grid, go makeup-less and just enjoy fresh air. 

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Marfa & Big Bend by Tess Cagle

I kicked off the new year by going on a road trip with some new friends. I've been wanting to go to Marfa for awhile– I think it's safe to say that the Prada Marfa art installation is a destination goal for most Austin hipsters. Big Bend was just an incredible, last minute, added bonus. The drive was long but I can't think of more than just a few moments that weren't absolutely enjoyable. 

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