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Hook 'Em: The 11 Best UT Austin Spots to Take Your Grad Photos

Hook 'Em: The 11 Best UT Austin Spots to Take Your Grad Photos

We are mid-way through April, which means Grad Szn is in full swing at colleges around the country, include my alma mater at the 40 Acres.

The University of Texas at Austin is HUGE, therefore it can feel kind of overwhelming trying to pick different spots around campus for your graduation photos. As a recent graduate myself, I remember the stress of trying to not only pick my own grad spots but also get to all of the locations during golden hour before sunset.

The biggest advice I give to my own potential clients is to always select the package with the most time (2 hours) and split the session with other friends, to make it more affordable. That’s because it literally takes two hours to get all around campus for photos; unfortunately, 30 minutes just doesn’t cut it.

After someone books a senior session with me, I also always send a questionnaire to prep us both for the session. That questionnaire always includes a list of potential locations for them to choose from, so we can plan ahead our route around campus. I also always recommend seniors think of specific buildings that mean something special to them, so the session feels more unique and catered to their individual experience on the 40 Acres.

Here are 11 iconic UT Austin spots you should consider for your graduation photos.


Gearing Hall

Not only does Gearing Hall’s gate have one of the coolest angles of the Tower, the building itself is one of the OGs on campus. It’s been around since 1932 and was originally the home economics building for women.


The Turtle Pond

The turtle pond was one of my favorite spots of campus when I was in school and it’s always a highlight when I get to revisit it during a session. Not to mention the pond also has a great Tower angle.

Elise_ByTessCagle_05 (1).jpg

The Greenhouse

Natural green background always complement skin so well; embrace all the beautiful plants around the greenhouse, like these palm trees.


The UT Austin sign

It’s a bit of a trek from Main Mall, but if you save this location for last, the lights on the sign add a beautiful glow to your portraits.


East Mall

East Mall is actually my favorite side of the Tower for senior photos. I love incorporating the cacti and (in April) the bluebonnets. It’s a great alternative if you wait to do your session til the last minute, and main mall is already set up for graduation.


The Architecture Gate

You can do so much more with the blue gates than stand in-between them. I love the angles you get when you step through the gates and sit next to them.


The Blue Door

Ah, yes, the traditional blue door pic that gets a bad rap as being “basic.” In reality, it’s a beautiful shade of blue that really helps your eyes pop. Just be nice to your fellow students, and don’t throw glitter in front of the door.


Inside the Fountain

I honestly feel like no session is complete if the senior doesn’t jump in the fountain. It’s a rite of passage!


The Moody Bridge

Comm students at large joke that the bridge was a colossal waste of money. But where else would we take our senior pics?! The white bridge allows you to stand out and provides a cool angle of campus and the Drag.



As one of the newest buildings on campus, the CLA is also one of the most beautiful. The courtyard is filled with picturesque nooks, naturally greenery, and rarely gets crowded during golden hour.


The Seal at the Stadium

It’s quite a walk, but the seal is also one of the most classic spots to throw a hook ‘em.

I haven’t been able to photograph every spot on campus that I love, so here are a few on my wishlist:

  • The Blanton Museum

  • The Skyspace at the SAC

  • Rooftop courtyards around campus

Does my bucket list match yours? Or are you still looking to take your grad photos this year. Inquire about my senior sessions here.

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