Music Monday: Cat Jaguar at the Mohawk / by Tess Cagle

I met Holley, the singer of Cat Jaguar, thanks to the Ladies Music Club—ATX, a group I co-founded early this year. And boy, am I glad I did! I photographed Cat Jaguar's first show at the Mohawk a few weeks ago and left the venue feeling so inspired and pumped thanks to the fantastic energy the trio brings to their live performances. The best way I can describe their vibes is Cabaret-meets-rock-and-roll. So, so good. 

I know Cat Jaguar has a few shows in the works right now—that you can keep track of on Do512—but in the mean time, check out some of my favorite photos from their set and listen to an older EP of theirs to set the mood. (Keep scrolling to check out photos from the supporting bands, as well.) 

I discovered HiFiKid at Cat Jaguar's show and was really impressed by the energy and enthusiasm the band brought to their set. I was also pleasantly surprised to see an old friend, Tim (hi Tim!), filling in as their drummer. The band is pretty much lead singer Jo Pausic's brain child and his song writing is pretty damn impressive. They seem to gig pretty frequently, so be sure to keep on eye out on their Instagram, which they conveniently keep updated with show announcements in their bio. 

Lastly, I got to the show early enough to also catch a good portion of the Naked Tungs' set and MAN I was super impressed and loved their sound. I found out later that the drummer had the flu and you would never have guessed that he was suffering at all while on stage. They've got shows coming up on Aug. 22 and Aug. 24—which is their EP release show—so def go out and show them so love. You can find more info on their Instagram, as well. 

Music Mondays are a weekly series on Tess Cagle Photography that highlights local musicians in the Austin area. Are you a local band looking to make some rad live photos? Invite Tess to hang out with ya here