Portrait Session: Liz Feezor / by Tess Cagle


I think it's pretty obvious by now that I am in love with the new central library in Austin. It's become one of my favorite locations for all kinds of sessions, from portraits to engagements. There's just something about the luscious greenery outside and the perfect natural lighting inside that makes the whole location a photographer's dream. 

I recently used the library for the most fitting session ever—new branding photos for local writing consultant and freelance writer, Liz Feezor. A writer, surrounded by books and magazines? It was PERFECT. 

I especially loved working with Liz because we stand for the same things in our businesses. Liz advertises on her website that she helps you discover your creative voice to create relatable and memorable content. I've found that's what I hope to help entrepreneurs achieve during our sessions, as well. I call my clients co-creative directors of their own shoots and encourage them to take charge in the image they hope to convey for their local business. 

It was also just really, really wonderful to get to vent and joke around with a fellow small business owner. It's a wonderful reminder that we're not alone in this crazy thing and we shouldn't have to feel like we are. <3