Couple Session: Ale and Hector / by Tess Cagle

In May, I had the honor to photograph newlyweds Ale and Hector. Ale was my roommate one summer of college and I’ll always remember her as the best roommate I ever had (and it’s not just because she had the most adorable dog, Beco.) I am low-key (OK, OK, high-key!!) emotional that Ale is now married and rocking an awesome job back in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Ale and Hector met in Austin, so it made sense to commemorate their love with a little bit of the Austin skyline. We shot at one of my personal favorite spots in the city, the Central Austin Public Library, and we had a blast. Special shoutout to these two because they also hopped into bushes at my request to get some of these shots. 

As always, I'm actively (and excitedly!) booking couple sessions right now—that includes engagements, weddings, or even anniversary sessions.