Visiting the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater in Colorado / by Tess Cagle

Last weekend I took a much needed vacation and headed out to Denver Colorado with my pals, Bryan and Marysabel. It was both of their birthdays, which made for a great excuse to finally visit the Mile High City and see my best friend, Devon, who moved there last year. 

The combination of high altitudes and me recovering from a nasty sinus infection led me to use all of my energy to just live—and meant I didn’t take out my camera very much. I did, however, shoot like crazy when we visit the Red Rocks Park because it was beautiful and incredibly inspiring. I still almost passed out from the altitude, but it was worth it get these breathtaking images. 

I loved Denver so much I already booked another flight to visit June 13 - 18. I’ll be seeing First Aid Kit with my best friend at Red Rocks, but other than that I’ll just be out exploring and photographing the entire city (look out for a more detailed guide in June!) I would love to collaborate with some locals while I’m in town (gotta make it a tax write-off, you know?) so please book with me if you’re interested. 

In the mean time, enjoy these photos!