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5 ATX Women-owned business + organizations you can support this International Working Women's Day

5 ATX Women-owned business + organizations you can support this International Working Women's Day

As a regular photographer at BossBabesATX community meet-ups, I get the opportunity to be exposed to a ridiculous amount of women-owned businesses and organizations who vend and get up on stage during the events. 

From non-profits raising funds to ladies who just founded their own business, there's thousands (and I mean THOUSANDS) of women and non-binary people who deserve the love, support, and FUNDING from Austin's local community. 

In honor of International Working Women's Day, I'm highlighting a few inspirational companies that I'd like to challenge y'all to lend your support to. The first two—BBATX and Counter Balance—are 501(c) organizations I've been following for some time now, and the final three are women-owned businesses I learned about recently and found super inspirational. 



Obviously, I had to kick off this list with the ladies of BossBabesATX. Run by an all-woman volunteer board, BBATX is an online and offline space for women-identifying and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers. Through community meetups, showcases, talks, and more, they provide a platform of visibility, outreach and financial opportunity to 900+ emerging Texas-based artists, businesses and causes. You can support #BBATX by attending an event or buying from their merch store. Learn more about #BBATX here.


Counter Balance: ATX

A true grassroots organization, Counter Balance is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for self-identifying women, people of the global majority and impoverished people through policy, community-based programs, and resources. You can best support these women by either volunteering your time or donating to their cause.



Run by ATX local Kym Whitehead, Kym Collects Computers donated recycled/refurbished computers to the Boys and Girls Club in the Austin area. You can support Kym by providing your old laptop or computer to her—she gets the computer refurbished and donates to the organization on your behalf (meaning you get the tax write-off!) You can also support Kym by checking out other orgs she's a leader in, including the Texas Handmaids and the Texas Capitol Walkout for Gun Safety.


Shavanthe Inc.

Founded by Theo Shayo, Shavanthe is a colorful multicultural clothing brand. Showcasing prints from all over the world, Shavanthe's line features dresses, necklaces, headwraps, hoodies and more. You can support Theo by—duh—purchasing her clothes!



Healthy, delicious ice cream—need I say more?All Luv Fats ice cream is made with fresh avocados, coconut milk, cocoa butter, and coconut sugar. YUM. Founder ChiChi Ndika is currently raising funds on Bonfire to purchase supplies for the ice cream biz, including a freezer and ingredients. You can help ChiChi bring delicious ice cream to Austin—and support her entrepreneurial spirit—by purchasing a T-shirt from her fundraiser and buying her ice cream.

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