Lookbook: SXSW Fashion / by Tess Cagle

I suppose I'm feeling like a bit of an overachiever—TWO post-SXSW posts? Wow. 

I wrote in my SXSW recap that this year, Austin360 asked me to run the publication's Instagram during the festival to post what we call "fashion festies"—basically, street style during SXSW. It was a huge honor to be given such a big job for the publication—especially since street style has never exactly been my forte—and I ran with it. 

I really loved having the creative freedom and a great excuse to compliment strangers on their outfits. What I didn't love? The trolls on Instagram. I had one particular hater (whom I will not name, I suppose) who constantly left comments on our posts that bashed outfits and said I should be fired because I had no taste in fashion. It was disheartening, not because I cared if she thought I was a good photographer or not, but because I felt horrible for the people I photographed who had to see the hate online. I selected people that I could tell were radiating with confidence and proud of what they were wearing, and in-turn they put themselves out there by letting a stranger take their picture. Haters often forget that fashion has nothing to do with what is "good" or "bad," and everything to do with people wearing clothes that make them feel great. Shame on folks who try to tear others down just because they have a different style.  

In this post, you'll find a compilation of my favorite shots I got during the festival this year, through the lens of the Austin360 Instagram. You can find more on Austin360's website, here