Couple Session: Kayla and Connor / by Tess Cagle

It's both exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking to try something new, right? Those were pretty much the emotions pulsing through me after I advertised on Instagram that I would be doing couple session for free in February. To be honest: I did it to get some more experience working with couples before I started charging money. I knew once I did a session, I would create photos I loved and have the confidence to jump head-first into engagement sessions in no time. 

I was overwhelmed by the response I received to my advertisement—y'all really love your free pics—and I'm so excited to share photos from my first couple session, with Kayla and Connor. We met for the first time at the shoot, and yet it amazed me how easy it was to jump in and capture their relationship. This wasn't an engagement shoot or anything like that—just a celebration of love!