Photo Highlights: January 2017 / by Tess Cagle

Each month, so many of the moments I capture get edited and then lost in folders on my hard drive, never seeing the light of day or getting shared. That makes me sad, especially since I have this blog and it's such an obvious outlet for these kinds of things. To fix this issue, I'm introducing a new monthly series that showcases the highlights of what I see behind the lens. 

2017 kicked off with a lot of traveling. I rang in the new year in Pennsylvania (well, Delaware actually) while on a week-long vacation visiting my boyfriend, Bryan. While I was there I photographed his band, the Last Remark's final show. My next stop was across the country, in Sacramento, California. I visited family for my grandma's funeral and saw my grandparent's home for the final time. Then I returned home to begin my final semester at the University of Texas at Austin.