A Weekend in Malta / by Tess Cagle

Last weekend we escaped the cold and spent two days in Malta. It was so nice to shed my heavy winter coat and throw on a crop top. The little sample of what we saw of the country was absolutely breathtaking. 

Highlights included multiple hours spent in cozy restaurants, multiple picturesque views of the ocean and all of the subtle color that was embedded into every area of the city. Seriously, these pictures don't do the country justice. I also particularly loved that Malta is apparently known for (and proud of) it's large cat population. 

I think our absolute favorite part was our trip around Valletta (the country's capital) with our guide, Charlie. It was rather spur of the moment, and he was so insightful as he pointed out and explained all the historic spots around the city. I couldn't help but notice all his comments on the gentrification happening in Malta ("See that? That was a guard's watch tower during the war. Now it's a snack bar.") I forget sometimes that gentrification literally happens everywhere and especially in country's whose economies rely on tourism. 

Anyways, here are some photos of inanimate objects, cats and pretty views from the weekend.