Fall is (Basically) Here / by Tess Cagle

It's officially October– which in Sweden means the sun is starting to set earlier, the temperature is rarely leaving the 50s and the leaves are starting to change. As a Texan, these are some very foreign concepts for me. I'm used to sweltering heat until November and celebrating Christmas when it's still 80 degrees. So far, the weather in Sweden has been a pleasant change (I'm sure I won't be saying that soon, though.) 

My favorite part is definitely the oranges and reds that are now embedded in every part of my walks around the city. I rarely see ivy at home, let alone beautiful, deep red ivy that has found a home on most of the apartment buildings around town. Pointing at leaves in awe has become an all too common (and embarrassing) part of my day. 

So, shout out to my fellow Texans who are still walking to class in 90 degree weather. Yesterday, we explored this beautiful little scenic area that's just a short walk from the Flogsta apartments. Here are some photos of what early fall looks like in Sweden.