2014 Austin Reggae Festival / by Tess Cagle

The 21st Austin Reggae Festival, an annual music festival, was held in Butler Park in Austin, Texas April 17 - 19.  The festival celebrated spring, incredible food and the belief that people can peacefully coexist while listening to soul enriching music. 


Proceeds from the Austin Reggae Festival benefit the Capital Area Food Bank. In 2013, the event raised more than $260,000 for the charity. Paul Gaither, the Marketing and Communications Director of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas said the festival was the number one fundraiser of the year for the charity. 

"It makes a major impact for fighting hunger here in Central Texas, which is a big issue," Gaither said. "In it's 21 years, the festival has provided a lot of meals for hungry central Texans." 

Austinites attend the festival annually, and people from all across the state make the trip to the heart of Texas to attend as well. Festival goer Veloria Richards traveled from Conroe, Texas. 

"I really like to meet new people, and this is the perfect festival for it– everybody is real friendly," Richards said. "I love the shops; going shopping here is the best. Everything is right around my price range." 

This year, Inner Circle and Eazy Star All Stars headlined Friday, April 18. Ashes of Babylon and Roots Underground were some of the bands featured Saturday afternoon. Front Clash 14 concluded the event Sunday night. 

The Reggae Fest, also known as the Marley Fest, is one of many fests celebrated in Austin. What makes it unique is the great cause behind it. Family and friends all come out to spend time together, while accumulative proceeds help out families in need. 

Video was created for the J302f Storytelling Basics class taught at the University of Texas at Austin. It was filmed, edited, and produced by Tess Cagle, Reina Olivas and Melyssa Fairfield.