Attendance Records by Tess Cagle

In 2011, when public schools in Texas had their budgets slashed by $5 billion, all eyes turned to fine arts programs across the state. As schools recalculated their expenditures down to the last penny,  it was all too clear that the majority of funding would go to standardized testing preparation, while the arts would bare the brunt of the cuts. 

Austin, a city brimming with creatives who have an appreciation for the arts, was no exception. However, that same community of creatives responded with a grassroots non-profit called Attendance Records. 

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Sam Olivo, the Sixth Street Cowboy by Tess Cagle

Most early evenings, you can catch Sam Olivo, “the Sixth Street Cowboy,” making his way down Riverside Drive– conveniently beating rush hour traffic while riding atop of one of his horses.  Despite living in Texas, spying a cowboy riding a horse along I-35 is a rare feat. However, Olivo, country singer / songwriter, philanthropist, and businessman, lives a unique and simple lifestyle that is conducive to maintaining a traditional outlook on the world. 

In June 2010, Olivo says he died not just once, but twice. 

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2014 Austin Reggae Festival by Tess Cagle

The 21st Austin Reggae Festival, an annual music festival, was held in Butler Park in Austin, Texas April 17 - 19.  The festival celebrated spring, incredible food and the belief that people can peacefully coexist while listening to soul enriching music. 

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Artist Feature: Karen Eubanks by Tess Cagle

Perhaps she has delivered Tiff's Treats to you. Or maybe you have caught sight of her at various events around town as a part of Google Experts. There is even a chance you have seen her volunteering at the Keep Austin Weird Fest. One thing is for certain: If you are not yet familiar with aspiring pop star Karen Eubanks, you will be soon. 

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